Valentines Silhouettes

On Sunday, February 10th, I will be at Bend from 10.30-12.30 doing silhouettes for Valentine’s Day! A perfect present would be silhouettes of all the people you love most! It will be a drop in session, however and it would be most helpful to sign up in advance here.

I am not really a yoga fan but I loved my time at Bend . I went when I was pregnant with BOTH my kids and continued when each was a sweet little babe in their Sweat Peas class. I have met some of my most favorite Mamas in Charlottesville in Bend classes so I am really excited to get to hang out there again in a few weeks!

Happy New Year

New Year, New You! Or maybe you just need new custom name labels for all your kids things. I have added these back to my shop. Nothing spruces up a water bottle better than a digital illustration of your kid and their name. I can’t tell you how many time I have left my kids’ water bottles at someone’s house over the past few school-less weeks of playdates and parties and every single time they have been returned because their names and photos are on it from when I added the stickers way back in AUGUST! These stickers will last longer than your water bottles and lunch containers. You can check them out here.

If you already have a drawing and would like just labels made you can order just the name labels here. I am happy to do these for the Digital Silhouette Drawings as well!

Additional Silhouette Session added at The Hive

Earlier this month I got to spend the afternoon The Hive drawing silhouettes. It was so busy that I am going back to draw some more on Saturday, November 25th from 2-5pm. This is also Small Business Saturday and if you haven’t been in Holiday Shopping Mode yet, this is a great place to start. This is a perfect opportunity to come in if you are anxious or having trouble taking your child’s photo yourself. I will take the photo and you and your family can enjoy some crafts, an indoor play area, coffee or just watching me draw. One of the most interesting things for some of the kids was actually watching their silhouette get drawn. It’s pretty cool.

Don’t forget, I also draw all your furry friends!

You can sign up directly through this link: Silhouettes at The Hive

Early Holiday Shopping!

I am a small operation. Each custom drawing is unique and made to order. Over the past few years of doing this I have realized that I have more time to fulfill holiday orders when I start in September. 

At the same time I am excited so start to slowly offer physical products along with your drawings. You will still receive the same digital files to do as you wish but I will take care of sizing, cropping and ordering you some products. I am starting off with beach towels that in our house also become large cozy bath towels in the non beach seasons. This makes a perfect holiday or birthday gift. 

Please enjoy a 10% discount of all your early holiday shopping with the promo code: EARLYBIRD18

Early Bird discount code ends on September 30th at 11:59pm.

Back to School!

I got so tired of writing and rewriting my kids names on their water bottles and lunch containers every few days. No matter what kid of sharpie marker I used after a few washes their names washed and rubbed off. 

I decided to order name labels that were dishwasher and microwave safe and I LOVE them. I used drawings I had made of each of my kids. The best part is that my kids who can't yet read (ages 1.5 and 3) can recognize their own picture and love it too!

As a Back to School special I am offering a set of 30 square 1.5 x 1.5' name labels with your digital drawing. This is a limited offer and won't be around for long so take advantage of it now! If you have already had a drawing made of your kids in the past and still want labels made, I am also offering just the labels

Website Launch

I am just starting to navigate the great wide world of e-commerce. I am hoping that this site will help me (and you) with the process of ordering a custom digital illustration. Of course if you would rather email me that way, great but my long term goal is to mostly just draw and not hunt down paper checks and random emails and keep all my information neatly organized going forward. 

While I test out this new squarespace platform I am offering a limited time only deal on my black line drawings. I am offering them at 30% discount with the promo code: FANCYTHAT this code is good for this week only and ends on Friday, June 29th. 

Please note that these do not have color. If you want a color drawing please get in touch directly and I can help you the old fashioned way.